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Useful Links

Introduction of Islam

A website prepared under the patronage of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtara Zone.



Tamilnadu Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Website

Official website of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Tamilnadu & Puducherry Zone, in Tamil language describing, inter-alia, the activities of Jamaat in Tamilnadu including its publications, social services and wings for women, children, youth, and students.


Kerala Jamaat Website

Official website of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Kerala Zone, in Malayalam and English languages describing, inter-alia, the activities of Jamaat in Kerala including its publications, social services and wings for women, children, youth, and students.


Geeturai Weekly

A weekly magazine in Telugu language, published by Telugu Islamic Publications, that is working for the cause of Islam and for the advancement of Dawah work.


Islami Relief Committee, Gujarat

Islami Relief Committee Gujarat has been providing relief and succor to the sufferers of natural calamities, victims of social unrest and other accidental happenings. This website provides reports of such activities.


Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers, New Delhi

This website provides a list of books published in Urdu, Hindi and English languages. Authors’ name and price of the respective books have also been shown.


Hindi Translation of the Holy Quran

Hindi translation of the Quran with Arabic text is available on this site. The translation has been done by Maulana Farooq Khan and Dr. Mohd. Ahmed. Besides providing index on different subjects’ the authors have described important terminologies of the Quran in a lucid Hindi language.


Jamiatul Falah

This is the official website of Jamiatul Falah comprising photo-gallery, folders in Urdu, Hindi and English languages and admission form which may be downloaded.


All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Official website of All India Muslim Personal Law Board which provides introductory information including Office Bearers, Publications, Resolutions and Constitution.


Books on Islam in Urdu, English and Telugu languages

Books on Islam and related subjects in Urdu, English and Telugu languages by a number of authors including Abul Ala Maudoodi, Khurram Murad, Jalaluddin Umri, Yousuf Islahi, Khursheed Ahmad, Abul Lais Islahi, Mian Tufail Muhammad, Afzal Hussain are available on this website. English and Urdu translation of the Quran along with Arabic text are also available on the site.


Islam and Muslims

This is a comprehensive website on Islam and Muslims. The site also has a newsletter which is updated regularly. In addition to many useful services the site is interactive giving facilities like ‘Live Fatwa’ and ‘Ask the Scholar’.


Islamic Fiqh Academy

This website, besides introducing Islamic Fiqh Academy, informs about the Seminars conducted over the years and important decisions arrived at as a result of such deliberations by the Institution.


Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai

This is a comprehensive website providing information about the activities, publications and videos produced by the Islamic Research Foundation. The site also informs about renowned debaters for and orators on Islam.


Islamization of Natural Sciences and Technology

IISTD (Institute of Islamic Studies, Technology and Development) promotes Islamization of all knowledge and all existing education systems, cooperatively, through strategies described in its documents in a few languages.


Islamisation of the Social Sciences and Humanities

‘International Institute of Islamic Thought’ (IIIT) and ‘Association of Muslim Social Scientists’ (AMSS) are engaged in Islamisation of Social Sciences and Humanities. Islamisation, as such, is the process and method of the introduction, development and application of Islamic metaphysics, ethics and values in respective disciplines. Following websites of these above mentioned organizations provide useful information about Islamisation in different languages..

http://www.amss.net http://www.iiit.org

Islamisation of Medical and Health Sciences

Organizations active in the main area for Islamisation of Medical and Health Sciences include ‘Islamic Medical Association of North America’ (IMANA), ‘International Institute of Islamic Medicine’ (IIIM) and ‘Islamic organization for Medical Sciences’ (IOMS). Their respective websites as under provide useful information.

http://www.imana.org http://www.iiim.org http://www.islamset.com

Students Islamic Organization of India

Official web site of the Students Islamic Organization of India.


Audio recordings of rare speeches and poetic recitations

This site has been launched by Dubai-based Navayath Intelligentsia which provides interesting socio-cultural information besides rare audio recordings of the speeches of prominent Ulema of all schools of thought and recitation of poems by many popular poets.